outils Pedestals and stringers

Verin + IS

The pedestals are made up of :

- A square or round baseplate according to the height.

- A steel galvanized column.

- A die-cast aluminium or steel head, according to the type of pedestal.


FlecheStandard Pedestal :

The head has a sufficient length to adjust the height + or - 20 mm.
Ridges mouled on the head allow a positive location of the panels.


Fleche Pedestal for low finished height :

The threaded steel head allows an adjustement of + or - 7 mm.
The panels lay directly on a conductive pad. These pedestals allow a minimum finished height of 70 mm.


Fleche Pedestal for great finished height ( more than 800 mm ) :

The column is a round hollow section of galvanized steel.
The base, the head and the locking nut are the same as for the standard pedestal.

Fleche Installation :

The pedestals are bonded to the concrete by way of a special adhesive, or may be mechanically fixed.

A device on the baseplate permits a quick and safe fixing of the copper earthing strap.



FlecheLockable stringers :

They are made of galvanized steel. They are designed for location on pedestal heads.

The stringers provide rigidity to the understructure, and stability against lateral strain.

The depth of the section is adapted to the required performances :


FlecheSpecials stringers :

When pedestals are omitted due to obstructions, i.e. electrical services, air ducting, etc ..., special bridging stringers may be used.

Within these particular areas, it is admitted that the deflection may be 20% more than for the rest of the raised floor.