The Gammacore panel is famous on the world market for its quality, design and finish.

It is characterized by an extruded aluminium edging inserted into the core.
This panel has been designed to meet the requirements of technical, data processing and scientific applications. It is suitable for all the coverings used with access flooring, excepted textile and mineral coverings.

Access floor panel

Bullet3 Composition :
The Gammacore panel is made up as follows :
- A high density resin bonded core, standard thickness 30 mm.
- A bottom plate of galvanized steel.
- A peripheral extruded aluminium section inserted into the core and holding the edge trim.
- A plastic edge trim slotted into the above mentioned aluminium section.

Bullet3 Coverings :
The Gammacore panel is available with the following coverings :
- High pressure laminate.
- Vinyl.
- Linoleum.
- Rubber.

Bullet3 Dimensions :
Standard size : 600 mm
Special sizes, on request.

Bullet3 Options :

Bullet3 Fire classification:
The Gammacore panel is classed M1 (SNPE report nr 15706-12).

Bullet3 Electrical resistance :
It varies from 5x108 to 2x1012 ohms, depending on the properties of the covering.

Bullet3 Acoustic :
The acoustic insulation measured between 2 adjacent rooms, separated by a densely insulated partition, varies from 46 to 51 dBA, depending on the covering ( Dn,f,w according to Standard NF EN ISO 10848-2).

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Load Classes
  Framework Class Certificate
1A ( or 2B or 4C )
stringers 30/15
2A ( or 3B or 5C )

Survey Institute : SOCOTEC CONSULTING.
All technical changes reserved without further notice.

NB :A system classed 1A is a system for which the ultimate load is at least 4 kN ( load class 1 ).
The working load of this system is at least 2kN, with a safety factor of 2, for a deflection less than 2.5mm ( deflection class A).
See tables below for the other classes.

Load classes according to NF EN 12825
and using safety factor = 2.0

LOAD CLASS 1 2 3 4 5 6
Ultimate load > 4 kN > 6 kN > 8 kN > 9 kN > 10 kN > 12 kN
Working load > 2 kN > 3 kN > 4 kN > 4.5 kN > 5 kN > 6 kN
Deflection class Maximum deflection
A ( the most stringent )
2.5 mm
B 3.0 mm
C ( the least stringent )
4.0 mm